Welcome to the Flood and Coastal Engineering Maths Online Resource!

We hope you will find the mathematics study and practice online material on these pages a useful resource, regardless whether you are using these pages in preparation before starting your Flood and Coastal Engineering (FACE) Degree, either as a refresh or to obtain course admittance, or if you are current a student looking for relevant additional practice material. If you study the material to gain course access in the absence of required maths entry qualifications, you will need to sit and pass a test which will be taking place at Brunel during the summer. For further information and registration, please contact cedps-tpo-ceeadmin@brunel.ac.uk

The material has been put together to facilitate self-studying and fully independent learning. There are topic introductions with worked examples as well as practice questions. The latter may be at different levels of difficulty. We recommend to start on easy ones and work your way up to the more challenging ones. Nearer the maths entry test date we will provide opportunity to test yourself by doing an online test. This self-test should be attempted only when you have completed studying all topics and if you are planning to taking up a Flood and Coastal Engineering degree programme. This self-test needs to be completed in one sitting. To access the self-test you will need to login with a personal email account.

Recommended books to be used in conjunction with this resource are:

Recommended Texts

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